Saturday, April 11, 2015

Corban Road Trip

The last weekend of February I took Sarah & her friend Amanda on a road trip to visit Corban University in Salem, OR. We had an awful lot of fun, and Corban is a great place, but both girls decided that it wasn’t the college for them.


Yes, I had to chauffeur them, but I think they had more fun that way.


Corban’s chapel – one of its newer buildings.


This building used to be a hospital and it is now the library…which makes it kind of a weird library. There are hallways with small rooms full of books in parts of it.


I believe this is one of the dorms – possibly the one the girls stayed in? Anyway, the picture gives a little insight as to the hill that Corban is built into. You really can’t see much of the campus when you are on the lower end – you just see the next building up, but not whatever is beyond that.


This is the fieldhouse. It’s really small. And they have no track! Finding that out pretty much sealed the deal for Sarah. We all felt it was a great college, but the things the girls were focusing on (sports & English) were not as strong as some other schools they are interested in.


It was a very friendly place, though! They have these flat screens all over campus with a looping slideshow of announcements, etc., so it was fun to see the girls’ names every now & then.

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A reward for a day on campus completed! We were fortunate that Ed’s cousin lives about 30 minutes from campus, and freely opened their home to us. I spent the first night there while the girls stayed in the dorms and it was SO WONDERFUL to see them. I should have taken a picture. Sad smile They had to leave the first morning for their daughter’s state basketball game, but they were gracious and allowed us to spend the night there again once our tour at Corban was complete. We got back to their house around 6:00 p.m. (too late for driving the 6+ hours home), baked a pizza and watched a movie and hung out with their pets before heading to bed early for our drive home the next day. It was so much nicer than a hotel would have been and definitely saved us lots of money! Thank you, Brenda & family!

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