Saturday, October 24, 2015

#LCXC2015 camp

This year’s XC camp had to be changed at the last minute due to wildfires in Eastern Washington near where they were supposed to camp and near the highway to get there…the highway was even closed!

Since both Sarah & Bethany are running XC this year and would be going with the team, the plan was for Ed to take the two little girls over to camp as well (usually lots of the families go along) and I was going to stay behind and work in my classroom and go to pre-first-day-of-school-teacher-meetings.

Plan B was for the team to camp locally in one of the team member’s 5 acre yard and for all of us to join the team each evening for dinner and for Ed to sleep in the tent with the little girls in the backyard.

Plan B probably worked out the best for me since I didn’t end up missing out on anything and I still got to work in my classroom and go to the teacher meetings. And the kids all understood that their camping experience being altered could not even compare to what the people in E. WA were suffering from in terms of the wildfires…3 firefighters were killed just the week before camp when the fires rapidly changed course and intensified and swept through their truck. Everyone had a good attitude and it was a great experience for the team & the parents alike!






Trying to get the team organized for a picture…




Happy Campers in the backyard!!

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