Thursday, November 26, 2015

NWC Championships

As I write this, it’s Thanksgiving morning and I’m waiting around for the appointed time to take the turkey out of the fridge, only to let it “sit”, before prepping it for the oven.

This Thanksgiving is different. My uncle passed away a couple months ago. My Grandma passed away less than two weeks ago. My mom hurt her back 3 days later and spent two days in the hospital and now can really only sit…not much walking, standing, or lying down happening for her…and it’s going to take some time to heal. Other community members are hurting due to sudden death in their families. This could be our last Thanksgiving for a while with Sarah around. None of my aunts or uncles are coming this year for Thanksgiving. We’ll be visiting my other Grandma in the nursing home.

But this Thanksgiving is also the same. Really, every year there are many hurting because of loss at the holidays. Every year there are people who will be alone, or in the nursing home, or sleeping under the bridge. I am still a wife and mom. I still have a warm home and an abundance of material things.

And God is still good. Jesus still loves me. I am still redeemed.

And so we are grateful.

But the title of this post is “NWC Championships”, so let’s get on to that…

Near the end of every XC season, a meet is run at Civic with all the local schools. Regardless of size, they compete against each other. These are kids we have watched run at various meets together, but the NWC Championships are special because it’s the one time it’s only local kids, no one else, and it’s the only time that how we run against the big schools actually counts. It’s fun. One of the highlights of the year. We see parents and coaches from other schools, and you can be genuinely happy for all the kids because even though we run against them and it “counts”…it doesn’t actually. It doesn’t affect who goes to District and who doesn’t. It’s a rare, fierce, competition that is truly fun for all.


Since Bethany was not on Varsity (top 7 runners + 2 alternates…they had a HUGE girls’ team this year), this was her last race of this year. XC was so good for her this year and she will really miss it!


Sarah finished so strong at this race – way to push!


Missing one Varsity runner here, but I don’t think she actually ran this race…still recovering from being hit by the car, I think. But it’s a great picture!

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