Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bi-Districts 2015

Our whole life is not cross-country. There are other things that happened in between these meets. But now that I’m *almost* done with XC, I’m going to finish strong.

Bi-Districts took place on a very wet and windy Halloween in South Whidbey. Thankfully, South Whidbey is in a bit of a rain shadow and while it was somewhat muddy and we drove through rain the whole way there and back, it did not rain on us during the meet…which was perhaps the first time that has happened. I know for sure it rained last year and Sarah’s first year…don’t know about the second year. Anyway, it was nice to not have to cheer with umbrellas and guard the camera from raindrops.


Warming up. I always wonder what the coaches are saying/thinking back there behind them when they take off running. Are they nervous? Are they commenting on form or the weather or things they still need to say to the girls?



The girls placed 2nd! They beat Meridian by just a couple points, and this marked Sarah’s 4th state berth with her team by her side!


Poor Peyton was hurting that day, so Bethany tried to carry her after the race. I don’t think it lasted long, but it’s so fun to watch these girls’ friendships grow!

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