Thursday, December 24, 2015

Notables from November

We have been part of a Life Group at church for about 5 years now. It wasn't always easy to get away when the girls were smaller, but our Life Group became family. From days on the lake, to Sunday evening chatting, to helping half of us move, to being the glue that kept us at Bethel during difficult times, to supporting each other when there were family crises...we are family. We are also going to be dividing into two separate groups beginning in the new year, in order that more people (some new to our church, some new to life groups) can become part of a group that is that special and important. It's going to be hard, but it's going to be good. It's what we are called to do. Anyway, before the "split", our life group hosted a lunch after church and we invited all the widows & widowers from the church. The picture above is from that event. Sarah asked little Nathaniel if he would go to Tolo with her (Tolo is an area-wide high school dance where the girls ask the boys) and he said no! We all had a good laugh about that!

On the same day of our Life Group lunch, my grandma passed away in Michigan. My dad was with her in the days leading up to and the moments of her entering glory, She was 93 years old and had lived a very full, well-read, well-traveled, adventurous, progressive, and exciting life. She was not your typical grandma, but she was my grandma, and she raised my dad, who I think is pretty awesome. Her memorial service was not until December 4 in Grand Rapids, but I think it's appropriate to blog about that here, even though the blog post is called "Notables from November." 

Three days after my grandma passed away, my mom hurt her back. My dad had not been home 48 hours and he was taking her to the ER, where they spent the next 2 days. So, the prospect of her traveling to Michigan for the memorial service seemed dim. But, she did everything the doctor said, and we reserved her a wheelchair for the trip, and she was able to be there. It was definitely hard on her, especially the day of the service, but she's tough. She did great.

Memorial Services aren't a very fun reason to be traveling to the Midwest in December, but we were blessed with good traveling weather and it was SO. GOOD. to spend that time with family.

Below are the displays my dad, baby brother, and I set up at the church. Thanks to big brother for picking up the easels and all the work he did with the funeral home and church prior to our arrival.

We were able to visit my nephew at his school and see his multi-age classroom. That was pretty fun. My little bro found the teacher's rolling chair and pushed my mom around the school in it! Definitely memorable. 

And there were lots of other precious family memories made.

Three of my dad's cousins who were the closest to my dad growing up. So nice to have them there.

I even got to have breakfast with my college besties!

And more from November...

Elise had her first chess club tournament!

Somebody had a birthday, and somebody took the hint that the peanut butter ice cream cake at Edaleen would be the perfect dessert. YUMMMMMMM!

Those two besties went to Senior Masquerade as burglars. Goofs. 

Can't forget about Thanksgiving!

Some Christmas prep...

We had our final XC event for Sarah...the dessert social. Coach talks about each runner and we share goodies that the runners (sometimes) refrain from during the season. 

Coach was amazing to Sarah...he said, "I know you don't know where you're going next year yet, but it doesn't matter. God will go with you wherever it is. And it's going to be OK." I know that he was named Whatcom County Women's XC Coach of the Year because for two years in a row he's led them to be the top finishing team from Whatcom County at state...but to me he's Coach of the Year because of what he said to her that night. And because of SO MANY OTHER THINGS. He deserves it more than those that voted for him know.

Sarah and her 4th and final toaster tart trophy.

And just like that, November (& even some of December!) is blogged!

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