Saturday, December 26, 2015

December Daily Life

Plenty of other stuff has been happening in our world...

Sarah went with two friends and one of their dads to visit Dordt College in Iowa, the same weekend I was in Michigan for my grandma's memorial service. We know many, many people who have attended Dordt, and had always encouraged Sarah to visit, thinking it could be a possibility for her for college. She wasn't too excited about the idea, until the Dordt coaches contacted her and started talking about offering her money to come run for them. Calvin, her other top choice school and the school most of our family graduated from, is Div. III, so they can't offer athletic scholarships. Because of Dordt's offer, and because she had such good conversations with coaches and students and friends who are alumni, she went for a visit. And she really loved it! She loved the coaches and the team, she loved the profs, she loved the community feel. So now...she has a big decision to make. Dordt has offered her their maximum athletic scholarship. But she's pulled to Calvin in many ways as well. So she is going back to Calvin in February to meet with more English profs and the coaches and team one more time in an attempt to get a clearer picture of what will be the best fit for her overall...there are so many factors to consider...finances, team, English programs, who else is in the area/at the school, coaches, campus, etc., etc., etc. We are praying for wisdom and guidance for her as she seeks an answer to this decision.

My Melted Snowman and Choir art projects in Kindergarten - I totally loved these!

We had another fun night at the Faithlife Christmas party, though it wasn't the best ever. We had great conversation, but it was pretty cold and the food wasn't good this year. Hopefully next year we will go back to Semiahmoo - that was much more lovely!

Dinner by candlelight was one of our December Advent activities

With my mom's back issues, we weren't sure about the whole cutting-down-the-Christmas-tree it was a pretty nasty day...but since it could be Sarah's last year, we went for it. Back to our usual tree farm in the mountains and even though Mom had to wait in the car, we found beautiful trees for us and for my parents, and still got to enjoy our donuts and hot cocoa in the barn afterwards.

Bethany got to put the star up and since we didn't get a very tall tree, she only needed a little boost. It has been a great tree...good color, not losing needles...and to avoid the inevitable spider problem (that is generally enough to make me buy a fake tree) I sprayed the tree with spider spray before we decorated it and amazingly, it has worked! No baby spiders climbing on my walls, no little webs around ornaments. YAY!!!

Sarah on Tolo night - she hung out with girlfriends and had a great night!

Shine Bright like a "GEM!!!" Loved this!

Elise played piano in church - and on a couple songs I played the duet part with her.

Becca sang in church as well - so beautiful!

She also had a voice recital and afterwards there was a cookie reception at her teacher's house. This is Becca with her voice teacher and her daughter. Click here to view a video of Becca singing "Holly Jolly Christmas."

The day after the voice recital, Becca started her journey through the world of orthodontics. Top braces to start!

And then there was Elise's piano recital...

And an orchestra concert for Becca & Bethany, who both play violin.

And here's Elise on her way to her very last white cape Christmas program...I can't believe I don't have any more white cape programs for my girls! Good thing I teach Kindergarten...I'll have my "kids" in there forever!

Speaking of my "kids" - here they are in their capes! And below, it's our class on the day of our Christmas party.

The day before the Christmas program, on my day off, when I was baking, wrapping presents, and listening to Christmas music, it SNOWED! Not much, but enough to get everyone pretty excited and bring lots of Christmas joy.

Another December Advent activity was a family night that included driving around to look at Christmas lights, making homemade pizza, cutting paper snowflakes, and watching the movie Inside Out, which was super cute!

And then there was the Sunday School Christmas program and Candlelight Service which was wonderful as always!

So far Christmas break has included some time with this family, plus skating with friends!

And since those things just happened this week, and the only thing I haven't blogged is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...I declare myself "caught up"!

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