Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 has been quiet, by which I mean that no cousins, aunts, or uncles are here visiting. It's sad, and we miss them a lot, but we doing our best to look on the positive side of things.

1. With my mom's back, it's best that she rest in her chair as much as possible. If all the other grandkids were here, she would either be out of her chair more than she should or she would be wishing she could do more with them.

2. Less dishes.

3. We aren't staying up as late and we are sleeping in longer.

4. Fewer pictures to edit.

4. We are all getting some good "small family" time instead of "extended family" time. Which is good for me as I consider that things will be very different in our house in the matter of 7 months time. (As I typed that, I felt like my breath got knocked right out of me.)

5. Less dishes.

We spent our traditional Christmas Eve at my parents' house opening gifts and eating treats. And, since there were less people, that meant I could eat lots more almond stick.

Before presents, Mom always makes us pose for pictures. At our ages, we're all very cooperative and we moved right along to gifts!

Like I said, fewer pictures...

But I did get a video of Sarah opening THE GIFT. THE GIFT she's been begging for and wanting and hoping for and hinting (not-so-subtly) about...

My brothers, sisters-in-law, and parents helped soothe the pain of being far away by texting and emailing cute pictures of the kids and activities everyone was doing.

We even got a Christmas morning picture from the SoCal Balls!

On Christmas morning, we went to church and then had our ham dinner at my parents' house. After dinner was cleaned up, we went to visit my Grandma in the rest home and my Aunt Nancy was there visiting as well! Aunt Nancy came back to my parents' house with us for dessert, which was great!

After dessert, we headed home to do gifts with just the 6 of us, following by watching The Nativity Story, which was I think our first time watching it all together. I really do love that movie.

The day after Christmas my uncle arranged for all his siblings to spend some time with Grandma in the large conference room at the rest home. So glad they could all spend that time together and with Grandma!!

We have another week of break and we have lots of good plans...babysitting (for Bethany), trail runs (for Bethany & Sarah), play dates (Becca & Elise), painting (me...but just a little cabinet, nothing major), working (Ed), working at school (me and whatever elves I can convince to help), celebrating the New Year with good friends (everyone!), game tournaments & dinners with friends (everyone!), and hopefully furniture shopping (Ed & I)! Hopefully there will also be plenty of sleeping in...

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Tamara said...

LOVED that video of Sarah's reaction to her gift.... loved the bouncing legs and the excitement she displayed...... THAT's a GOOD gift! :)