Saturday, January 2, 2016

So...I found more pictures...

Apparently I haven’t taken pictures off the big camera in a while…because I found a bunch more of things I have already blogged…but they’re really good pictures and they’re good memories…so I just *had* to blog them. Above, another sweet picture of my girl in her pretty pink dress. 

And some really fun pictures from our tree decorating evening…

Sarah took ballet for one session when she was little…and she loved it and we thought she would become a famous ballerina, so I bought her this ballerina ornament that year. And now, even though she did not become a famous ballerina, nor does she wish she had, it’s still one of her favorite ornaments and she always begs me to let her put it on the downstairs tree, even though it doesn’t match. This year I let her. Know why? Yep. ‘Cause she’s going to college. If she asked me almost anything right now (& for the next 6 months) I would probably say yes. Almost anything.

The Peace on Earth globe ornament was Bethany’s this year…she loved it. Below is Sarah’s from this year…a girl running through the finish line. We are excited for track!

That’s me, as I watched our growing girls decorating the tree with very little help from me, realizing that next year will be different. I know, I know, I say that a lot, I’m just still trying to wrap my head around it. At any rate, I love that Ed knew what was in my head and came to give me a hug, and I love that Sarah noticed and took our picture. 

Above – yeah, who knows, but it was really funny to watch.

It was a fun night.

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