Monday, January 4, 2016

Eagles 2016

Often during Christmas break we take a drive and go looking for eagles. Personally I hadn't gone for a few years  for various reasons. We had heard that this year was a good year for eagles because the Skagit eagles were all on the Nooksack river because the Coho salmon run was low on the Skagit. So, along with the regular Nooksack eagles, there were also Skagit eagles. We did not see the 300+ that some people saw a week or so ago, but we definitely saw a lot and it was a beautiful morning!

I was pretty gaga over the frost flowers and ice crystals...I had never seen such a thing! The above two pictures were taken on Bethany's iPhone! 

One of the trees where we saw about 80 eagles. We stayed there a long time. The longer we looked, the more eagles we spotted.

Based on Ed's position in the above picture, I think I'm about to get hit by a snowball...

More eagles in these trees.

The whole area we went to first was very Narnia-esque.

Our second location, near the river, yielded no snow, more people, but beautiful eagles and scenery, none-the-less.

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Tamara said...

Bald eagle sightings are one of the things i miss the MOST about living up there!