Friday, January 22, 2016

Early January

 On New Year's Eve Eve, we had game night with our friends that are practically family. They have 5 kids and we have known them for about 20 years. I never would have imagined that we would have the privilege of continuing to live within 10 miles of each other all these years later. Their kids are our kids' "cousins". Family night with them is the best.  

We rang in the new year with more friends that are practically family - our Life Group members (minus one family)! It was a great night - our kids got to hold bottle rockets and sparklers - and no one burned off their hand or anything, so I considered the evening a success!

We played some silly games, and the top six were good sports and wore my Happy New Year headbands from 2006!!

Over a year ago we had 20th anniversary pictures taken and I finally got around to creating a collage and putting it into one of the old windows that my dad had. I love it so much!

Apparently some little girls were getting very bored during Christmas break and braiding hair takes lots of time...

Sarah was my TA this semester and last Friday was her last day since this was exam week and her schedule changes next week. The kids made her a big card and she got to read the a book to end her time with them. She was great and we all miss her!

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