Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A few more track photos

Somehow I missed a few of my favorite track photos during the last picture-gathering-event...

All of the above photos are from the big invitation meet during spring break (sunny, but cold) where she broke the 3200m record. That last one is her talking to two of her coaches following the race and she STILL can't believe she ran an 11:14. We were watching her after the race as she came out of the chute and her coach showed her his watch with her time. I will never forget watching her look at that time and being so a good way. I took this picture a little while after that moment...after she had looked at us and smiled and we all cheered from our seats. It was absolutely one of my favorite memories of this track season. 

Her running buddy, Marissa - they ran together for 2 years as Lyncs, and will run together as Knights next year!

And I add this because it's just so darn cute. She basically ran the home Junior High track meets this past year. I guess you could just call her Mr. Kredit...which is a joke only people who go to our track meets will get. ;) She has many talents and while she's an introvert through and through, someday I think she'll be an amazing running coach who writes novels about the students she trains and the amazing places around the world where she runs. :)

Sometimes it's hard to see how running fits with this, and it's all in the heart of each person, but I see this in our XC and track teams at our school and it's my prayer that I'll continue to see it in those teams, in the Knights' team, and in the attitudes of my children as they run, compete, sing, act, do math, clean the house, and live for God's glory.

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