Friday, June 24, 2016

April 2016

While it sometimes seems like all we do during the school year is go to meets, we do have a few other things going on. This past spring was really busy, but really great, too!

Sarah made her college decision and chose Calvin! We are really so thankful and excited that she is ready and has this great opportunity. Every bit of it will be a challenge and it will also be a blessing!

The cousins that live in MI are super excited that she will be there next fall! 

Sarah also go to go on the Senior Biology trip to the WA coast for 3 days in April. The orange box below was for packing. Everything but her sleeping bag, pillow, and hip waders had to fit in there. Some things never change...

She also turned EIGHTEEN!!!

I've had this little camera key chain for a couple years. It came with a fancy camera bag Ed bought me for my 40th birthday. I never used it as a key chain because I always thought it was a little bulky, and if you've ever seen my keys, you know they are already bulky enough! 

One day I was looking for a flash drive and the little girls said, "You want the one in the camera?" I had no idea what they were talking about. Apparently the key chain is a flash drive!!!!

What baffled me is how THEY knew it was a flash drive if I didn't? It's just been sitting in a vintage letter press tray on display in the hallway upstairs. When questioned, they just said, "One day we tried to take the lens off and discovered it was a flash drive." Wait, what? You just decided to try to pull the lens off a little camera? Am I alone here in thinking that's just a little brave and weird?

On the other hand, now I know. There's a flash drive upstairs on display in the vintage letter press tray.

In 6th grade you do a science experiment. Becca conducted an experiment in which she wanted to see if boys or girls were more accurate eye witnesses. She had the principal disguise himself and come in to 2 different classrooms, pretend to be a thief, and steal the teachers' cell phones. Afterward she had a multiple choice survey for each student to fill out to see how well they could describe the thief. I am pretty sure that the girls were slightly better eye witnesses, but she got 3rd place! She did a great job of working through this experiment with her teacher and principal!

Becca also went on her 6th grade outdoor education trip! They had pretty good weather, and she had lots of fun in her photography, first aid, and other classes. They played Capture the Flag, got dirty, bonded as a class, and laughed a lot, I am sure. Some other things never change...

Remember this? I made cushions for the couch and for the 2 chairs that our friend made for our patio. They turned out great! I ordered 4 inch foam on Amazon, bought $10 outdoor tablecloths, and pinned them around the foam like I was wrapping a present. I still try to take them inside when it's raining, but they wipe off nicely and I can easy swap the tablecloths for something new next year for minimal cost!

Our neighbor's family bought a Kona Ice truck and one day they had a photo shoot and all the neighborhood kids got to be in the pictures. Fifteen minutes of fame. Check!

Our last event of April was the widow/widower dinner at church which the GEMS served and entertained at. It made for a busy few weeks for me, having this dinner, plus the GEMS taco night a week later, with GEMS Sunday in between, but it all turned out really well. I think the widow ladies really enjoyed the little recital that many GEMS participated in and they also enjoyed the game of Bingo with prizes afterwards!

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