Monday, June 27, 2016

May 2016

May was also a busy month, and not just for track!

We had GEMS Sunday - which is always awesome, but causes me too much stress. Somehow I gotta figure out how to release that stress better... 

We also had our second annual taco dinner fundraiser for our student that our GEMS Club sponsors at the Esther School in Zambia. We made almost $1000 this year and it was really fun! I even snuck away for a few minutes to watch Sarah run at a track meet - that's how amazing my counselors and volunteers are!

Sarah & Bethany were both part of the induction ceremony for the National Honor Society, which is a whole weird ceremony, but it's a good thing to be part of if your GPA is up there...looks good on scholarship & college applications.

And JSB happened!!!

Becca & I did Sarah's hair!

BFF Amanda

It was a great night! We had lots of fun taking pictures and the banquet was a success and afterward Sarah & her friends went horseback riding, so it was pretty epic!

My mom got to come help in my classroom for an afternoon and it was super fun! I hope she can come more often next year now that she is retired!

Ed took a Thursday off and we put down bark - it looked so nice! And then we had a big windstorm and it became covered in tiny pine seeds. Note to self: next time do bark the day before a big event.

This year the academic awards were announced at Senior Chapel. I wish they would make as big a deal out of academics as they do athletics...but Senior chapel was nice and I loved when the whole class went up and Mr. Van Hulzen prayed for them and sent them off with a blessing. 

Becca had her voice recital! She loves singing and you can watch one of her songs here!

My dad retired! We stopped by on his last day when we were on our way to state track. I'm so excited for my parents and their plans to enjoy their retirement together!

Elise's teacher also retired this year and we had a fun party with her class towards the end of the year to give her gifts and bless her. I'm so thankful for moms who have the energy to plan things like this, because now that I am teaching, I don't.

Also, I don't think I ever posted this, but during Creative Arts Week, the elementary students had a little program after learning several songs from Mary Poppins. Here are the 4th graders singing "Step in Time" - Elise gets to do a cartwheel as a chimney sweep!

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