Saturday, August 6, 2016

Artist Point, part deux

If you are a faithful and interested reader, you may recall that while my brother & his family were here, we spent an afternoon up at Artist Point (if you don't remember, or want to be reminded, click here). Bethany was working, so she couldn't come, but we had a great day. Well, I found more pictures and since I was so amused and impressed by the pictures, they needed their own blog post.

We headed up to Artist Point just a few days after the road was cleared. I have NEVER seen that much snow up there. It was cold and pretty socked in at the beginning, but that did NOT stop the cousins from having a blast!

He went diving down a crevice near the parking lot. No worries. But AWESOMELY HILARIOUS picture!!!

Have you ever seen such PURE JOY???

And again!


Elise didn't quite have the same joyful experience as her cousin. It may have had something to do with the fact that he had on slippery pants and that helped him slide down on top of the snow. Elise just had on black capri leggings (guess which mom did not prepare her children well...)

What do you call this? A "cousie"?

Ooh, love this one. 

And an attempt at a "little" cousin picture. Love all those cuties so very much.

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