Thursday, August 4, 2016

Back up the blogging train...

So remember when I said there were Summer Stock pictures on my good camera so I would have to get those off of there? Well...there were pictures from June and my brother's visit still on there, too! And they were SO. STINKIN'. ADORABLE. that I just HAVE to back up the blogging train and share those pictures.

Note: Almost every single one of these pictures was taken by Sarah. The exceptions are: the pictures Sarah is in. True story.

Father's Day at Larrabee...

These two have a very special relationship. And that little boy was loving the camera that day. Sarah got some amazing shots of him!

I like to call that one "Cousins on the Beach."

We went hopping around on the rocks, but the tide was on it's way in, so we didn't see too many sea creatures.

I mean, for real? How much cuteness can you even stand? 

See what I mean about those two? 

My brave rock climbers... LOL!

Grandma's yummy cookies!

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