Saturday, October 8, 2016

September 2016

Wow, September...somehow it's already over...

My goofy Kinders...and they are pretty goofy...but I am falling in love with them even as I am working really hard to figure out the best ways to teach each one of them...

I have a ton of great friends, and most of them very cheerfully help me when I whine about something. On this particular day I was whining about tearing out and collating and folding and stapling all the pre-decodable books from my Kindergarten curriculum and Niki volunteered herself for the afternoon to help me...and then her stapler broke while she was doing this good deed! She tried to fix it, but I am pretty sure we threw it in the garbage. Sorry, Niki!!

Sarah had her first meet as a Knight! She ran well and placed in the top 15 overall, which earns you a t-shirt and a spot in that picture below...

My brother and his family were there to watch, so that was so fun for her and for me to know that she had her own cheering section. It was the first time they had gotten to see her run, so I think they liked it, too. ;)

I decorated for fall over Labor Day weekend because I knew if I didn't do it might not ever get done. I dusted at the same time and ended up putting out much less in decorations than I normally do...I think the thought of dusting stuff sounded really awful!

Bethany had a big meet at Sehome on a sunny Saturday and we had a great time watching her and all her teammates run. Bethany isn't fast, but she is determined. I'm so very proud of her.

Becca's been running cross country, too! Her team is doing awesome and she is improving a little bit every time, too! She LOVES the time she spends with those girls and I LOVE that cross country gets to continue to be a blessing in our lives.

Becca moved into Sarah's room (just for when Sarah is not home) and so Elise made the extra bed in her room into a couch, which now holds her reading chair and Sarah's gigantic stuffed bear named Mitch.

Elise & the neighbor girls found a painted rock in the trail by our house...apparently some kids decided to paint rocks and hide them around town. If you find one, you're supposed to post it with the #lyndenrocks and then rehide it and give clues. They had fun figuring out the mystery of the rock and finding a new place to hide it on the trail.

Got this fun bubble blower on clearance for a couple bucks...worked great for about a day. I am sad because it came highly recommended as a quality toy!! 

We had our GEMS kick-off! The theme this year is "Love Overflows" and all the suggestions for games and decorations are for "splash parties" and that type of know...overflow?? So my awesome counselors came up with great snack ideas and a fun cupcake craft for the girls for our open house beach party!

And then there was my favorite weekend of September...the one where Sarah and her team came to Seattle to run in a big meet! What a blessing and a gift it was for us to spend Friday night having dinner with her and her team, Saturday watching them all run and hanging out (& watching some LC kids run, too!), and Saturday night at the Mariners' game with all of them and Sunday morning worshiping with them. It was perfect timing in our longing to see each other (for her AND for us) and so very, very, good for this mama's heart.

Watching her run again and do what she loves so very much was like salve for my heart.

It was a pretty wet day for a race, but the two days before were beautiful and sunny and the team was able to see the mountains, climb some awesome hikes, and Sarah and the other WA runners got to show-off their state!

Sweet reunions with sweet friends.

Some of Sarah's teammates from high school ran the high school races as well and Sarah stuck around to watch them and help them with the chips on their shoes and moral support and all those things that Sarah is so very good at.

And then they had to say goodbye again. 

Thankfully, we got a little more time...

Our worship time with the team at Pastor Geoff Van Dragt's house was wonderful. Geoff is a chaplain at UW, and a former Calvin Knight All-American runner! The team sang and shared and we got to see some of the coaches' love and dedication to their runners. I am so very thankful for that time.

Oh, these loves of mine...

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