Sunday, May 28, 2017

April 2017

April began with spring break! Bethany headed to Chicago with the orchestra and had an awesome time! The little girls and I had a few days at home and Ed also took a day off for a trip to the zoo and the mall! We had a great time, but it did feel really weird going places with only two offspring!

My dad & Ed installed my new laundry room floor, which I LOVE! We needed it because my old washing machine leaked a few too many times and the floor was all soft and ripped in places. It took a long time to find the floor I wanted at a price I could manage and also have it be in stock. But now it's awesome!! In this process, we discovered that the *new* washing  machine is SO good that it produces excess suds that come up the drain and was also leaking onto my old floor, but we didn't know it. It took QUITE some time to solve that problem, and even now, we simply have an Ed/Dad-inspired-fix so that the water doesn't go on the floor...but we tried *everything* that there is to try, and our current fix is all there is to be done, other than paying a washing machine repairman $200 to come out and tell us there's nothing to be done...

During the month of April I bought my first pair of reading glasses...

And during a week of a lot of stress and emotional turmoil, I took an afternoon that was beautiful (though not too warm) to walk and sit and pray at one of my favorite places in the world. It was definitely a needed boost for me.

We celebrated Easter! 

And Becca ran Junior High Track!! She ran hurdles, a relay, and the 400m, and also did the long jump. She had a ton of fun and did great! We endured a lot of cold track meets, but this one was sunny!

Bethany ran track as well and also had a great time! It's great to see her as a leader to the younger girls on the team.

Next up! Junior Senior Banquet!!

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