Thursday, September 10, 2009

I’m a domestic goddess and other happenings of our week

Remember this? First off, that dishwasher? Kaput. We went shopping on Labor Day for a new one. Got a great deal at Lowe’s. Then we took the girls to…

_MG_2579courtesy of Logos. Yep – that’s Anthony’s Hearthfire Grill. The lunch menu is completely different, but it was very yummy, and we didn’t even embarrass ourselves too much, except maybe if anyone was listening to our conversation, which centered around the differences between boy & girl bathrooms. Ahem. And then, I’m pretty sure I heard snickering from a table down the way when Elise pronounced, rather loudly, “I have to go potty really bad!”  It’s better than it used to be at least…we didn’t spill anything and no one had to be removed from the premises.

Tuesday was my scrapbooking day with my girl friends. Except I didn’t scrapbook. Because one of my good scrapbooking friends is also a master seamstress and I needed to make that fabric into something. (Go back to that previous blog post I linked to and scroll down and you can see the fabric.) I downloaded a free pillow pattern from the internet and Amy, bless her heart, walked me through sewing my pillows! And amazingly enough, I didn’t need quite as much help as I thought I would. The stitches held and I didn’t break the needle and for the most part I measured and cut correctly.


That’s the top up there.

And this here is the (almost) finished product!


Imagine! I used a machine to get flat fabric into a pillow! I AM a domestic goddess! I certainly didn’t inherit any sewing abilities, (oops, did I say that out loud?) and Amy (who truly is a domestic goddess) helped, but I did it! Plus, she left before both pillows were (almost) done and I managed to finish them on my own.  I keep saying (almost) because I still have to buy a button thing and cover it with fabric and sew it to the middle to make it more puffy, but that shouldn’t be too bad. I wonder when Amy can come over…

Oh, wait. I didn’t show the worst part of sewing.


Are you kidding? I have to iron the fabric? Ugh. Unlike some people, who shall at this point now become nameless, I do not find ironing satisfying. There’s something just a little wrong with that. Okay, I do have to admit that the measuring, cutting, and sewing was easier after I ironed the fabric, but to use the word satisfying to describe ironing is just a little nuts if you ask me.

So, what else…

IMG_2598 I came home from a meeting last night to find Ed cleaning the garage fridge. Thanks, dear!


This is how the girls entertained each other this morning while I did laundry. They had music blaring and brought all the kitchen toys into the kitchen. Makes sense, I guess. They were getting along great until Becca didn’t want to share something and so Elise said, “Fine! Be that way! I’m not gonna play with you any more!” and stomped off. I was trying so hard not to laugh and then she saw me trying not to laugh and she started to giggle, stopped, and said, with a big pout, “Mommy, Becca’s not sharing.” I hope she doesn’t try that at preschool tomorrow.

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dee said...

I would just like to say...thank you for not forcing me to listen to music while I am reading your blog.