Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Whatnot

When I used to teach in MV, the weekly letter of announcements was called the “Wednesday Whatnot”…hence my blog post title.

As you may have noticed, I read a number of other blogs. My Litter of Six is mostly about couponing and sales and things like that. She’s funny and has great tips and occasionally has give-aways and I actually won something! It was so exciting because it’s totally something I’ll use with my girls club at church and fits perfectly with our theme for the year, too. Isn’t this stuff cute?


On the left is the clipboard, then a little post-it note holder, and then a covered composition journal. Our theme for our girls club is about prayer, so I think we’re for sure going to make the journals as prayer journals. I can use the others at girls club because I try to use all girly and pink and flowery stuff.

We noticed this week that the mountains we see as we drive around the county are BARE – the snow is as good as gone and the glaciers even seem to be minimal. Just goes to show how dry our spring was. We had to take pictures because I don’t remember ever seeing the mountains this bare.



Can I just say that I L.O.V.E. my zoom lens?

Today was “Lunch on the Lawn” at church. We like to celebrate the beginning of the “educational year” at our church. We have a special service with lots of kids songs and special prayers for all the teachers in all the different groups that are starting up and then we have a picnic together out on the lawn. It’s always pretty fun and in the 5 that we’ve attended since we moved here, there hasn’t been one that hasn’t been sunny & warm.


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