Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lessons from Haystack Hill

1. Halting chores in the middle of a Saturday afternoon to take a quick family hike is a good thing.

_MG_3461_MG_3462 _MG_3465 2. The sound of leaves crunching under one’s feet is surpassed only by the sound of Becca giggling while running and listening to the sound of leaves crunching under her feet._MG_3534

3. Fall is truly a beautiful season.

4. We live in a beautiful area and have an amazing creative God. Sarah noticed everything while we were hiking.


5. My 9-year-old still has the mind of a curious scientist. She looked for spores, inspected moss, and asked “why?’.

6. Fresh air does wonders for a mind bogged down with to-do lists, checkbook balancing numbers, tasks to organize, and future worries.

_MG_3514 _MG_3515_MG_3516_MG_3522_MG_3521

7. Sticks are cool.


8. Trail mix tastes amazing when one is on the trail.

9. My impressions of Elise are correct: that is one determined little 3 year old. She climbed the entire way up all by herself, and it was VERY steep!_MG_3488 10. Who needs Boston in the fall when you’ve got this right outside your own backdoor?


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Scott & Amy Vandenberg said...

You are an amazing photographer, Julie...much less your story-telling is fantastic. I think you should do blogs and such as a business.