Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sarah is home, Part 3!

Okay, so Christmas break wasn't entirely perfect. We didn't do everything we hoped and we were missing 5 of our closest loved ones (including the new baby whom we are looking forward to meeting!) But I still have some more pictures to share! And since we are in a blizzard here in the Pacific Northwest, it seemed like a good time to share a few.

We went to a matinee of SING! which was way cuter than I expected.

We watched a lot of football.

AND we went ice skating! For many of us, it was our first time and we were a bit tentative at first, but honestly, it was WAY easier than I expected it to be! Once I was confident enough to let go of the wall, it actually got easier. I didn't even fall at all and no one that did fall broke anything, so it was a roaring success!

There was lots of reading and hanging out...

And working on finances for the new adult...

Oh, and lots of eating, as usual!

We went to find eagles...and found over 150! I know there are some great eagle pictures on the big camera that Sarah took, but I haven't gotten a chance to look at those yet. 

More football...

And lots of games!

This post is quite picture heavy, I think I'll save New Year's and the last days for the next blog post. Who knows...if this snow storm continues, maybe I'll blog again tomorrow! ;) 

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